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Microblading FAQS

Your frequently asked questions...

  • How long will PowderBrows last?
    Typical results last 1 to 3 years depending on the individual’s skin-type and lifestyle
  • What is the difference between Microblading and PowderBrows?
    Microblading is a technique that produces hair-like strokes throughout the eyebrow, adding shape and density. The strokes are etched into the skin using a manual tool and backfilled with pigment. PowderBrow is a technique that adds pigment to the brow area in a shaded, pixel-like fashion. This service leaves a natural look which enhances the brow shape and color. The results appear very soft and powdery; almost airbrushed.
  • When do I need a periodic touch-up?
    We recommend at least two years between your first appointment and a periodic touch-up. This allows adequate time for the existing pigment to fade and ensures we are maintaining the health of your brow area :)
  • Who is not a candidate for PMU?
    • Any person with a serious heart condition should consult with their doctor before scheduling a PMU appointment. • Any person who is currently taking Isotretinoin (Accutane ®) or has taken Isotretinoin within the last year. • Any person who is pregnant or nursing • Any person with a serious skin condition affecting the eyebrow area. • Any person who has undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatment within the past year should consult with their doctor before scheduling a PMU appointment.
  • Do I need a consultation?
    Our consultation is built into the full session appointment. At your full session, we will map your face to create the perfect brow shape, select a pigment color to match your natural undertones and hair color, and walk you through the entire process in detail! Ultimately, we are working to achieve the most natural and healthy results possible. If you have any questions about PMU, email us!
  • My hair is colored. What color should my eyebrows be?
    We understand that your hair color may change and that is not a problem! During the color matching process of your full session appointment, your artist will create a pigment color based off of your existing eyebrow color and skin tone.
  • Can I wear makeup to the procedure?
    You are encouraged to come to your appointment wearing your makeup just like you normally would. We do not base our measurements or design off of your current makeup, however, knowing what look you are accustomed to helps us gage your expectation of the final product.
  • How do you decide the shape and color of the brow?
    When receiving a full session PMU service at MDS, you will undergo our custom mapping and color matching process. We find the shape of your brow by using the natural geometry of your facial features and create the color based off your natural brow and skin tone. During the mapping process, we explain each step to you and will not proceed until you are 100% satisfied with the selections.
  • Can I have a PMU procedure if I am pregnant or nursing?
    You cannot receive a PMU service while pregnant or nursing.
  • Is there a recovery period or will I need to miss work?
    For most professions, there is no recovery period required for PMU services. If your job involves sweating, swimming or water activities, or exposure to dusty environments, we recommend you take some time off to adhere to our aftercare instructions.
  • How long is an appointment?
    PowderBrow Duration: 2.5 Hours Initial Touch-Up Duration: 1.5 Hours Periodic Touch-Up Duration: 1.5 Hours
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